Saturday, May 28, 2005

Final goodbyes

With a bit over a week left in California, my wife and I have been busy saying our last goodbyes to people, setting up last minute dinners and parties, or fiestas I should say. It has been fun, but draining emotionally. Saying goodbye is difficult. But I try to look at the flipside to temper my emotions and see it more as "see you next time" or in a while. Perhaps that's not the healthiest thing to do, but now that I have two different places that pulls at me, it seems to be the most sane thing for me. I have one family here in California and another in Madrid, so what am I to feel?

Once I arrive in Madrid and am finally living there for at least a year or two, I think I would be in a better position to elaborate on my feelings. But for now, I'm quite anxious and ready to be in Madrid, soaking in the sun, walking on the streets, taking the train or bus to work, slowing down and hopefully enjoy more of my life. I've lived a long time in the States, more than I really should have as I've always felt, and I'm ready to dive into other things. Rather than walk through empty streets seeing nothing of interest in the buildings or obstacles I walk around, I will be flooded with an entirely different culture and place that will clearly overwhelm my senses, yet at the same time, fulfill what I've been needing. I feel richer just thinking of the possibilities and joy in my prospective day to day life.


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