Wednesday, July 06, 2005

One Month After

It has been a month since we´ve arrived and a lot of things have occurred in such short of a time. I had expected to relax a bit and enjoy the fruits of the sun, but making our transition took precedence and immediately things have taken shape. First off, I was accepted for a position in the colegio de Pilar in barrio Salamanca. Apparently, I was told that this is one of the best private schools in Madrid as the ex president Jose Maria Aznar had attended it and several politicians are known to have as well. I would be working as the native English speaker who accompanies the Spanish teacher during English lessons with small groups of students. It´s not a bad gig and a pretty easy one considering that I don´t manage the classroom all by myself or complete so much paperwork as I did in the states.
Another bit of good news that I received came through the mail with a letter of my NIE number and a statement that I would be able to pick up my residence visa on the 2nd of August. Surprisingly, the Spanish beauracracy worked brilliantly for me and I have yet to have any real complaints about it. Now if only the convalidation of my degree would fall through and come to our doorsteps sooner, then I would definitely kiss the floor as I speak. Perhaps things don´t normally turn out this way for everyone, but it certainly is nice and welcome when it does.
The best news so far that has resulted during our whole month has definitely been the fact that Susana aced the first part of her test and received a top score of 9.73! I tried looking for a better score throughout all the 15 tribunals at the school, but the closest was 9.5. Of course, the test isn´t over and she still has one more part to take, but I think the second part only works to her favor and will really show her brilliance as an English teacher. After two hard years of studying in the library, Hydration with their excellent crispy chicken bento boxes and milk tea with pearls and Coffee Society in the Pruneyard, things are finally coming together and paying off.(All these locations are in San Jose, CA) I couldn´t be more proud and relieved that we can almost stop talking about this Spanish state test from hell! By July 18, we should know the results.
Additionally, we´ve received about 25 of our total of over 30 boxes we had sent over to Madrid, mostly intact! The only broken items were a Chistmas decoration and a couple of mugs, but other than that, we couldn´t be happier. A lot has happened during this intense month of ours, but I wouldn´t have wanted it any other way.